Re: Doorst: Amiga 500 + A590

From: Geoff Oltmans (
Date: 1999-10-21 17:08:08

On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Ojala Pasi 'Albert' wrote:

> > supported by KS1.3 and up. Furthermore, booting from a FFS partition is
> > ONLY supported by KS2.0 and up. 
> Actually, you can boot from FFS partition in KS1.3 provided you
> have the FastFileSystem in the RigidDiskBlock (at least with GVP).
> Note that it must be the KS1.3 version of FFS or it just does not
> work... And the partition must be formatted with the KS1.3 format
> command.
> I should know, because I had A500 with a GVP-Series II
> a long time and it first booted from FFS to softkick ks2.0
> and then reboot into 2.0. I made the mistake of formatting the
> boot partition with the 2.0 format command once or twice when
> shuffling new HDs.

That must be a feature of the GVP controller then. I've got an AdIDE
controller and I had a Xetec Fastrak-II SCSI controller on an A2000 that
stated that you couldn't boot FFS (on KS 1.3), you had to create a small
standard file system partition to use to boot. ISTR the "Enhancer
software" manual (the KS1.3 manual) saying something about that too, but
it's been a while. That's where the whole "Workbench" and "Work" partition
scheme came from (which, BTW, I absolutely hate. <g>) 


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