6502 emulator

Date: 1999-10-21 21:46:42

Hallo allemaal,

Last monday I started to analyse the opcodes of the 6502 so I can translate 
them into steps for the Instruction decoder. I got a lot of help from Marko's 
docs about this subject. But I still have some questions. 

Question 1: why do 1-byte-opcodes need two cycles?
    Instructions like CLC, SEC and CLV only need 1 cycle IMHO. Not to speak of 
NOP!. The instruction ASL does need 2 cycles (or better 1.5):

Opcode     Cycle    Action      Use of internal bus
 CLC        0H                  read opcode
            1L      clear Carry
                    inc PC
            1H      -
            2L      -
 ASL        0H                  read opcode
            1L      inc PC      ALU-input = A
            1H                  A = ALU-output
            2L      -

Question 2: Why do the ADC- and SBC-opcodes need an extra cycle when in decimal 
    The design of the ALU I have in mind now does not need an extra cycle. But 
I cannot think of a design which does need this extra cycle.

My HW solution (for the moment) of dealing with the branches and indexed 
opcodes is to add adders to the blocks responsible for the PC and "Temporary 
Address". Using the ALU would cost too much cycles so I had to come with the 
above idea.
Question 3: If anybody has some other ideas how to deal with branches and 
indexes and is willing to share them, you at least would make me happy.

Any other ideas, comments and remarks are welcome as well.

Groetjes, Ruud

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