Re: Doorst: Amiga 500 + A590

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 1999-10-20 23:25:53

> supported by KS1.3 and up. Furthermore, booting from a FFS partition is
> ONLY supported by KS2.0 and up. 

Actually, you can boot from FFS partition in KS1.3 provided you
have the FastFileSystem in the RigidDiskBlock (at least with GVP).
Note that it must be the KS1.3 version of FFS or it just does not
work... And the partition must be formatted with the KS1.3 format

I should know, because I had A500 with a GVP-Series II
a long time and it first booted from FFS to softkick ks2.0
and then reboot into 2.0. I made the mistake of formatting the
boot partition with the 2.0 format command once or twice when
shuffling new HDs.

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