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Date: 1999-10-07 09:53:30 wrote:
> Could anybody explain me shortly two things:
> 1) Is the data send to the recorder the same as the real data to be saved? Or 
> is there a kind of translation used like CRC-encoding?

No. The tapedrive itself is quite dumb. It spits out exactly the same data
as it is stored on tape (or, to be more precise: It's supposed to do so ;)

The only thing the tapedrive does is converting the analogue signal it reads
from tape to a digital one.

> 2) How is the data translated to "music"? I have a very good idea how it is
> done with the old modems and I can imagine that the same trick is used here
> as well.

If memory serves me right, it uses a basic FM-technique, "high" bits having
a higher frequency than "low" ones.

But all of this is not really relevant here, since the only aspect of
the tape-interface used here are the I/O pins involved ;)

> There exist some gadgets which enable you to use an ordinary taperecorder 
> instead of the original datasette. What about using one of these and your PC 
> instead of the recorder?

This is possible allready. Markus Brenner has written a program which will
convert the data stored in a .TAP file to a sample, IIRC. However, both
methods (TAP and VOC) waste quite a lot of memory.

> Then some comment on the (2*) 149 files (of 64K)/CD. Using the CD as data-CD 
> means 650M / 64K = +10.000 files. That is quite a difference, isn't it? 
> Although I like the technical aspect of the idea, I'm afraid that there is no 
> much practical use for it. Sorry.

There's one big difference: When using a CD-ROM, you'll either need an
interface + software to access it from the Commodore, OR a PC emulating
a 1541 drive. This technique requires much less hardware, and can be made
to run on every 8-bit Commodore computer having a tape interface.

Did I mention that it'll be cheaper too ? :)

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