Re: 10x CLOAD (fwd)
Date: 1999-10-06 23:08:03

Hallo Martijn, Marko, Nicholas,

I read your mail concerning the above subject with great interrest. But I never 
ever studied anything concerning the tape because I almost never use it. I know 
there are going bits out and there are comming bits in at the tape-connector 
for the simple fact that this connector is directly connected to the I/O-port 
of the 6510 (or equivalent).

Could anybody explain me shortly two things:
1) Is the data send to the recorder the same as the real data to be saved? Or 
is there a kind of translation used like CRC-encoding?
2) How is the data translated to "music"? I have a very good idea how it is 
done with the old modems and I can imagine that the same trick is used here as 

I need this info to understand some of your comments. Thanks.

There exist some gadgets which enable you to use an ordinary taperecorder 
instead of the original datasette. What about using one of these and your PC 
instead of the recorder?

Then some comment on the (2*) 149 files (of 64K)/CD. Using the CD as data-CD 
means 650M / 64K = +10.000 files. That is quite a difference, isn't it? 
Although I like the technical aspect of the idea, I'm afraid that there is no 
much practical use for it. Sorry.

Groetjes, Ruud

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