Re: 264 series questions

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-10-05 11:25:20

Levente Hársfalvi wrote:
> Seems like there should be just one way to go: take the beast to an
> oscilloscope an make some diags; PHI0 against MUX, PHI0 against PHI2,
> PHI0 against AEC' and so on, in both clock modes.

Okay, maybe I could do this on some weekend in my lab. I have a two
channel DSO with TV trigger capability here, so I can trigger onto any
scanline and then analyze any two other signals simultaneously. But of
course I need to know more about what to expect here.

>From what I read so far the TED seems to do things quite differently
from what I thought. It still has traditional bad lines (but more),
which stop the CPU completely via BA/RDY and then disable the CPU bus
with AEC. The clock signals are similar to the C128 after all, but the
two clock modes are controlled differently. The TED automatically
selects single clock mode if it needs the bus, and double clock mode is
only active where the display is inactive, except where the refresh
occurs. So a 'clean' double clock is not achievable because of the
refresh cycles. But a clean single clock mode can be achieved by using
the appropriate control bit. Is this correct so far?

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