RE: MOS fab capabilities over the years?

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Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2013 02:12:13 -0500
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About an hour ago I found the binder that at one time held the HMOSII
Design Guide.

My memory is HMOSII transition was 85'ish, HMOSI was 84'ish.  NMOS before
that, CMOS was a Pipedream about '86 on.

I could check but I think the real differences were effective channel
lengths and changes to the back-bias generator to create greater gate
thresholds that in theory shut of the FET's faster and drew less power per
FET.  I am not sure if the backbias generator drew enough power itself so
as to offset a lot of the savings.

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Subject: MOS fab capabilities over the years?

Has anyone documented the various revisions of the MOS fab throughout the

I'm wondering when they switched processes, scaling, CAD tools, and any
use of third-party fabs for CBM designs. For example, I believe the early
90's Amiga chips were fabbed by HP or IBM, possibly.

Also, were they running multiple feature sizes concurrently? Certainly
there's the 6052/VIC-II/SID variations, for example.

You can guess a lot of this by just looking at the chips throughout the
years, but I'm looking for more detail.


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