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From: didier derny <didier_at_aida.org>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 08:01:49 +0200
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I used ISE and xilinx to use the GODIL

In my experiment, I tried to replace the RIOT of the micro kim by a GODIL.

Due to lack of time I had to stop my experiments but I'll restart later

the GODIL is nice and permit any  GND/VCC pins (this is not the case of the

I had the following problems:

1/ even if it fit a 40 pin DIL the mounting is not really stable
(mechanically) (really big)

2/ the power consumption is higher than the original 6532
   The power supply of the micro kim started to fail as soon as the fpga was
   I had to build a second power supply to have the signals stable.

3/ I had lot of glitches on the micro kim specially on the chip select of
the 6532...
   I had to remove them

4/ I debugged with a zeroplus logic analyser, I think a part of my problems
were provoked
   By the forest of wires going from the GODIL to the logic analyser
   My plan to solve this problem was to use chipscope (ISE internal logic
   This function is not available with ISE webpack
   This product:
   Unlock chipscope / planahead for the Spartan 6 LX9 (accidentally I also
discovered that on my computer   
   It is also unlocked chipscope / plan ahead for the spartan3 on the
   (not sure it will continue to work)
   (the installation of the voucher is bugged and ISE say that the license
is not correctly installed
   But it works)

5/ the order of the pin on the top of the GODIL is sometimes quite
   So it is better to prepare a sheet with excel or a similar program
   (for example pin 50 is in the middle of the connector...)

To program the GODIL first I used this product:
But it has a tendency to disconnect weight of the cable + programming device
+ adapter...
Finally I ordered this product:
This product is probably a fake of the original Xilinx programmer (old
version) but works with the GODIL without disconnecting
(cable less rigid)

This product can also be found on ebay.

When I stopped, some part of the 6532 were working but not enough to replace
the main 6532 of the micro kim.*

I'll restart in a few weeks...



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