Re: Anyone have any info on the PEDISK II floppy controller?

From: Mike Naberezny <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 09:51:12 -0700
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On 4/22/13 2:16 PM, MikeS wrote:
> Might be worth while to drop Dave a line asking what supporting
> firmware/software/documentation he has for both the Z-RAM and the PEDISK;
> maybe we could even talk him into lending them in case someone feels up to
> cloning one or both of them...

Ruud tried to contact him about the Z-RAM a while back but I don't think he 
responded.  I've since found the manual and disks for the Z-RAM and they are 
on my site.  I have not found any of the materials for the PEDISK yet.

> I've been interested myself in that PEDISK board and software; I've got one
> of the early 8032s with slots for two floppy drives in the case and I
> thought it'd be neat  to put a couple of functional 3.5" drives in there
> (they're logically equivalent to 8" drives):

This photo shows the PEDISK installed in an 8032:

In the back, there's a daughterboard plugged into one of the option ROM 
sockets.  This is the "Spacemaker II", also from CGRS Microtech.  It is just a 
ROM switch.  It's probably not related unless the PEDISK also has a ROM in 

In the front, you can see the PEDISK daughterboard.  The last page of the 
Spacemaker II manual has a description of it:

   The PEDISK II Disk Controller Board plugs into one of the BASIC ROM
   sockets along with the original ROM. It occupies the previously
   unusable memory space above the I/O to avoid conflicts with other

   This small disk controller card then connects to a floppy
   disk drive via a flat cable. The disk drive can be mounted inside the
   Pet or in an external housing.

   PEDISK II features the CRS/PDOS software package that allows
   sophisticated file handling; indexed, sequential, or index-sequential.
   Disk commands are RUN, LOAD, SAVE, OPEN, CLOSE, INPUT, and PRINT. Each
   command is merely preceded by a 1. Commands can be executed directly
   or from a program.

   The PEDISK II controller uses standard IBM encoding allowing
   information to be trans­ ferred from other computer systems. The
   controller can operate with 5.25" or 8" drives.


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