Re: Anyone have any info on the PEDISK II floppy controller?

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Date: Wed, 1 May 2013 14:35:06 -0500
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Subject: Re: Anyone have any info on the PEDISK II floppy controller?

> On 4/22/13 2:16 PM, MikeS wrote:
>> Might be worth while to drop Dave a line asking what supporting
>> firmware/software/documentation he has for both the Z-RAM and the PEDISK;
>> maybe we could even talk him into lending them in case someone feels up
>> to cloning one or both of them...
> Ruud tried to contact him about the Z-RAM a while back but I don't think
> he responded.  I've since found the manual and disks for the Z-RAM and
> they are on my site.  I have not found any of the materials for the PEDISK
> yet.
> ... This photo shows the PEDISK installed in an 8032:

Yeah, that's one of the pics I'd originally linked to.

I contacted Dave and he's willing to lend out the boards if someone
(preferably local - Steve?) wants to reverse engineer them; he can also take
hi-res pictures of both sides if that helps.

Unfortunately he's never gotten the combo to work:

"NOTE: That I've never gotten the board to actually do anything ... The disk
controller makes "booting motions" but I never got anything to come up on

Sounds like he probably doesn't have the CRS/PDOS PEDISK disks, and aside
from some notes the only docs he has is the ZRAM manual which I think you
(mike) also have.

I wonder what, if anything, Willi managed to find in the meantime?

(the other) mike

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