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Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 20:36:26 -0400
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OK, you've convinced me!

Mind you, I wasn't just thinking of a single position switch; a 512kb
E(E)PROM or FRAM would give you 8 different 8kB ROMs.

And I think a glued switch is definitely much geekier ;-)

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On 2012-05-15, at 00:38, MikeS wrote:

>> No - power-up with key-combination brings up menu where I can select ROMs
>> to be used until changed. This is what I am missing very much.
> Seems like a *lot* of extra complexity just in order to press a
> key-combination instead of flicking a switch or pushing a button...


- the number of ROM images is virtually unlimited with today's capacities
- if you have more than two, then one switch is not enough
- images could be easily managed, (updated, added, replaced, deleted,..)
- any combination of all ROMs could be used (potentially including standard
cart ROM software)
- it would be _much_ more elegant than a glued switch (and geeky ;-)

> But a chacun son gout... ;-)


> Doesn't the EasyFlash 3 already do that? Seems to me I just saw a demo of
> exactly that at the last TPUG meeting...

It indeed does something similar (for KERNAL only), but:

- it is a cartridge that has to go into EXPANSION port (mine is long
overloaded, while I would gladly replace power hungry ROMs)
- it does the trick only for KERNAL
- it is only for C64, whereas what I suggest would be adaptable for other
6502 systems with relatively low effort

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