Re: 6569 luminances

From: Segher Boessenkool <>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 04:29:45 +0200
Message-Id: <>
As an aside...

> The SID uses the +12V for some of the output stage and since it's  
> analog, changing the voltage might change the sound. So be careful  
> what you do. Unless I missed something, the +12V are only used for  
> 6569 and 6581.

I cannot verify for 6581 (and 6582) right now, but in the 8580 the
higher voltage supply (+9V there) is used for _all_ the analog
circuitry, starting with both DACs; not just the output stages.

Curiously, the "middle" voltage for the audio ("analog ground"
if you will, +4.5V) is generated from +5V, not +9V.  I wonder
why that is.


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