Re: Real Time Clock on Cassette lines

From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 21:53:20 -0600
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On 2/11/2012 11:11 AM, Gerrit Heitsch wrote:
> On 02/11/2012 07:33 AM, Jim Brain wrote:
>> Anyone see issues with wiring up a I2C-based (DS1307-type) RTC to the
>> cassette port with SCK on WRITE and SDA (data) on sense? Looking at
>> schematics, READ is often hooked to CA1 or similar read-only pin, but
>> SENSE appears to be on a GPIO on all CBM machines I found. Obviously,
>> the RTC would not work if the buttons were pushed on the player, but are
>> there other concerns?
> In case you built that setup, it would be worth thinking about 
> including a space/socket for a 24Cxxx I2C-EEPROM. They are small (8pin 
> DIP or 8pin SMD) but give you up to 256KByte (24C2048) memory. They 
> only need +5V and GND besides the I2C connection so the only 
> additional cost for quite a bit nonvolatile storage would be the PCB 
> space.
>  Gerrit
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  * I decided to try the MOTOR/WRITE idea, as some suggested
  * I ditched the 2 resistor voltage divider on MOTOR in favor of an NPN
    NOT setup. That should allow faster signal response.  That resolved
    one of my major concerns with using MOTOR.
  * I checked, and 24CXXX I2C EEPROMs use the same pinout as the 1307
    RTC, so the same PCB will work for both.  Since it's a pass-through
    PCB, they can be chained.
  * I mapped the EEPROM on the cassette side of the pinouts, so the SMD
    jumpers can be cut and the uC could have total control of the
    EEPROM.  I thought that might allow a 256kB "tape" emulator, dunno.

Still worried about accidentally writing to a tape since I'm using 
MOTOR, but I guess the code can check sense before it starts and fail if 
sense is active. (low).

Here are the various options:

v2: SCK on WRITE, SDA on SENSE (original posting)

v2a: SCK on MOTOR, SDA on WRITE, MOTOR fed through inverting NPN setup. 
(Ruud et al suggestion)

v2b: Remapped some uC pins to Cassette port to allow for better routing

v2c: Moved RTC footprint closer to XTAL for RTC.  Rerouted some of the 
lines for better layout and less EMI

Disclaimer:  Last minute changes, like enlarging PWR trace width and 
MOTOR trace width, were only done on 2c, but would be done on any 
production board.



Jim Brain

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