Re: SFX Expander programming and VICE

From: Richard Atkinson <>
Date: 03 Dec 2011 22:40:28 +0000
Message-ID: <>
On Dec 1 2011, Gábor Lénárt wrote:

>> > Hopefully you've read my mail here on the list already, that it is 
>> > not my song of course, it's the intro of the DOS Dune 1 game. My work 
>> > was only the code and the idea to play DRO music format which can be 
>> > captured by DOSBOX from any DOS software which produces AdLib music. 
>> > Thanks for the testing! Now I should get a sound expander cartridge 
>> > somehow :)
>> > 
>> > Is someone interested about the source code? I may release it after 
>> > some serious clean-ups some time ...
>> with source it would be a nice addition to the vice test-programs 
>> repository at least :)
>I'd like to note, that VICE works perfectly now for me, with emulation of
>the SFX Sound Expander cartridge! Thanks to Soci for the tip he sent me in
>private. I've checked vice out from vice's SVN repository (revision 24920)
>and it seems to work nicely. Now I can hear at least what I've wrote code
>for, quite nice feeling to enjoy the result of my own work, no need to
>mention ...
>The source is about being prepared for the release, but I am a bit nervous
>about this, since it was a loooong time ago when I coded something
>'seriously' for C64, also I wrote only smaller stuffs in 6502 assembly
>before. What would be the best way to release the source? Post here? Or
>should I port to some internal vice mailing list (too?) if it's really
>useful to be a vice test-program?

A release on maybe.

Gábor, can you try Dr Sbaitso with your software? I'd love to hear some of 
that SoundBlaster speech on the Sound Expander. I assume it uses the 
composite sinusoidal modelling mode of the OPL.


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