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Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2011 23:21:01 +0100
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Hallo Vanessa,

> It defeats the purpose of a free and open Internet.

Which also means that one is free to put text on his image :)

> Instead, add a hidden watermark

What does diminishing or enlarging do with this hidden watermark? 
And what if people use this picture anyway, are you going to sue 
(??? accuse, summon) them? 

Some background: My wife Aleksandra is a member of, where 
nk stands for "nasza klassa", which is "our class" in Polish. One 
could upload photo's to share with others. One day they changed the 
rules and declared that NK took the right for using uploaded photos 
for their own (commercial) purposes. We responded by putting at 
least a clear on the uploaded photo. 

The compay behind Umark even didn't think of the way how Aleksandra 
used this program. They were impressed and even made a page 
dedicated to this idea:

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