Re: 6526A synchronous serial behavior?

From: Segher Boessenkool <>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 15:17:20 +0200
Message-Id: <>
>>> I'm debugging some issues with the 6526A in the 1571 drive  
>>> running at 2 Mhz. When we try to send a byte to the drive via the  
>>> shift register, it doesn't always get received properly. This  
>>> seems to vary from drive to drive. The 6526 does transmit bytes  
>>> completely reliably.
>> What frequency signal are you trying to receive?
> It's 500 Kbit/sec inbound to the 1571.

I think that should work (just); the datasheet says clock freq / 4.
That makes sense with how I suspect the circuit works, too.

>>> I've got a 100 Mhz digital scope and have tweaked the waveform we  
>>> send, just to see what works. It seems that the drive receives  
>>> the data most reliably when SRQ is on an uneven duty cycle (say  
>>> 30% low, 70% high). It's still never 100% reliable though.

Maybe it's like the 6522's CB problem?  Changing the signal near the
phi2 falling edge isn't always detected (we don't quite know why).

> I'd really love to know what the shift register input logic looks  
> like. Anyone decap a 6526 to find out?

visual6502 has a 6526, but not pictured yet as far as I know.

> Or have a 6526 schematic? If it is just sampling CNT on every Phi2  
> rising edge, for example, that could explain this issue.

I expect it to be a static transparent latch on phi2 (so it latches
on the falling edge of phi2, but it's level sensitive, not edge, so
changes while phi2 is high "shine through" immediately); the output
of that is compared with the same signal delayed through phi1 and
phi2 (delayed with dynamic latches), as edge detect.


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