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Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 08:49:07 +0200
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Hallo Jim,

> The current logic looks to require a couple '00 and ....
> I'm wondering if someone is interested in simplify that logic 

I ran into the same problem with my CBM-HD project. I have two 
1) using three 7406 
gates. Pin 17 of a LPT port is an OC output. If none available, use 
one of the left-over gates of the 7406 IC.
2) using three (or 
four) BC547 transistors.

Explanation, taking xieea5 as example: 
There are two situations: 
- the ATN-trap is active = output is (H)
If ATN is not active = (H), then the output of IC2a = (L). Which 
means the outputs of 2b and 2c are (HiZ) and effectively don't do 
anything. The moment ATN becomes active (L), output 2a becomes (H), 
which on its turn make both 2b an 2c active (L), telling the master 
system to wait.
- the ATN-trap is inactive = output is (L)
The moment ATN is active, the slave system must respond to the 
master but can oly do it by using NRFD and NDAC. By pulling the 
inputs of 2b and 2c (L), these two lines are "freed" again.

Hope this helps :)

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  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud Baltissen
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