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From: Justin <>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 18:29:18 -0400
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The geek in me wants to suggest using SHA1 or SHA2 instead of MD5 even  
though I know the collision space for MD5 is massive and it's hard to  
imagine anyone deliberately trying to create a collision... still, if  
you're going to write something new, you might as well use the best  
hash algorithm out there.


Also, after saying something moderately useful, I wanted to make a  
joke about the BrainDOS comment from earlier.  Why are we trying to do  
a denial of service on Jim?

On Sep 16, 2009, at 1:14 PM, Jim Brain wrote:

> wrote:
>> Hallo Ulf,
>>> Well, there is this PHP based SearchDBC64:
>> If I understand the notes correctly, you need Apache and MySql as  
>> well.
>> Don't know if the average computer user has them running on his PC.  
>> My
>> tool is one single EXE that creates its own database using flat text
>> files. But I see that T64 and TAP are supported and I even haven't  
>> thought
>> about those file formats (too disk minded due to previous projects).
> I had thought about this type of SW (I have the same issue, lots of  
> files, lots of disks, etc.), and I think an online solution would be  
> best.  My thoughts would be:
>   * MD5s (like Ruud's solution) at the file and the archive level.
>   * Complete Diffs, with diff information archived (to show changes
>     between variants).  Obviously, binary diff capable.
>   * Ability to show "aliases" (same files, different names), same D64
>     image, different names
>   * Tracking of files in archives, with and without sector chains
>     (This file is the same, but it is stored differently in one image
>     from how it is stored in another image)
>   * Directory diffs (the same files are in both images, but they are
>     arranged differently)
>   * Ability to "group files"  (These files are all part of Jumpman,  
> etc.)
>   * Ability to categorize files/images
>   * Ability to show "owners" of files/images (Multiple people could
>     use the same system, sharing categories/alias information, etc.)
>   * Ability to save actual files/images in repository, conditionally,
>     and conditionally mark it as "public".
>   * Notes.
> I'd be happy to host such a solution, but I don't have the time to  
> create such a solution.  The SearchDBC64 looks like a good start,  
> though.
> Jim
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