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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 08:09:15 +0200
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Hallo Justin,

> The geek in me wants to suggest using SHA1 or SHA2
> instead of MD5 even though ....

The reason I use MD5 is quite simple: I wrote a Pascal version many
years ago. And having no problems with MD5 so far, not having the
sources of SHAx, having only a bit of time (and being very lazy)........

> Why are we trying to do a denial of service on Jim?


Hallo Jim,

> I think an online solution would be best.
> ... but I don't have the time to create such a solution.

Same for me. But an online solution requires the skills to program in
MySql, PHP or whatever, which I don't have. And I would need a server to
host everything, which I don't have either.

Another idea would be: I use my collection as base and you send me your
database file generated by my program. I'll compare it with my file and
send you a report with the differences. And then you send to me the
files/images I don't have. And vica versa of course. Now you can start
as well comparing your collection with someone else. After some we'll do
another comparision and update. 
If enough people do this, after some time enough people should have a
nearly complete database of all C= programs. That this database isn't
stored centrally, I don't mind: we are not dealing with hunderds of
Gigabytes of data but with five, maybe ten, even maybe twenty? An amount
that can be handled by a single person.

Leaves the question what you want to store exactly. A game like
Loderunner should be stored as complete image as the levels are stored
as raw sectors. But what about Paradroid? Do want it stored in the way
it appeared on the market, as a single file on a disk? (just an example,
haven't any idea about this!) Or don't you mind to store it on an image
together with some other, completely unrelated files/games? IMHO that is
completely up to each individual person. And this is where the MD5 comes
in: it enables a person to have only one copy of Paradroid to play with
instead of having a number of them because it was released by this firm
and that magazine on this or that collectors disk.

>   * Notes.

I completely agree. But to make sure that everybody can read each others
notes, I need some time to think about how I can realise this with my
program. Using an all-in databased program would solve everything. But
that will take quite some time to program it..... :(

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