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From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 12:14:15 -0500
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> Hallo Ulf,
>> Well, there is this PHP based SearchDBC64:
> If I understand the notes correctly, you need Apache and MySql as well.
> Don't know if the average computer user has them running on his PC. My
> tool is one single EXE that creates its own database using flat text
> files. 
> But I see that T64 and TAP are supported and I even haven't thought
> about those file formats (too disk minded due to previous projects).

I had thought about this type of SW (I have the same issue, lots of 
files, lots of disks, etc.), and I think an online solution would be 
best.  My thoughts would be:

    * MD5s (like Ruud's solution) at the file and the archive level.
    * Complete Diffs, with diff information archived (to show changes
      between variants).  Obviously, binary diff capable.
    * Ability to show "aliases" (same files, different names), same D64
      image, different names
    * Tracking of files in archives, with and without sector chains
      (This file is the same, but it is stored differently in one image
      from how it is stored in another image)
    * Directory diffs (the same files are in both images, but they are
      arranged differently)
    * Ability to "group files"  (These files are all part of Jumpman, etc.)
    * Ability to categorize files/images
    * Ability to show "owners" of files/images (Multiple people could
      use the same system, sharing categories/alias information, etc.)
    * Ability to save actual files/images in repository, conditionally,
      and conditionally mark it as "public".
    * Notes.

I'd be happy to host such a solution, but I don't have the time to 
create such a solution.  The SearchDBC64 looks like a good start, though.


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