RE: 1541-IDE : an idea I want to discuss
Date: 2008-12-29 08:18:49

Hallo allemaal,

Just un update on the whole project. The bad thing: I had to start
almost all over again :( I made a BASIC PRG that did some things like ,
formatting the floppy, saving itself, creating several files and
deleting them again. And that's where things went wrong. Deleting the
files one by one was no problem but deleting them using an asterix, *,
went wrong: the process ended with an error message although the rest of
the proces went well. 

Testing this on previous versions I found out that the error occured
already in version 3. To give you an overview of my versions:
1 - I replaced the routines accessing the floppy with routines accessing
the IDE harddisk
2 - Removed all unneeded routines, like the formatting routine, and
created one big block free space at the end of the ROM.
3 - Removed references to the second drive, mainly to free RAM for my
own use
4 - Added support for working with images
5 - Added support for working with subdirectories
6 - 16 MB: 254 tracks with 256 sectors each
7 - 32 bits version. This one needs the most amount of RAM.
8 - As version 6 but using partitions as subdirectories.

Already having decided to give up the 32 bits configuration in favour of
version 8, there wasn't this need for extra RAM anymore. FYI, not having
to deal with GCR anymore, I already freed up the complete area from
$0145 to $01FF. I already enlarged the Stack area up to $0180 wich still
give me 128 extra bytes of RAM ($0180-$01FF).

So now I am working on version 9 (in reality V0.9) which is version 2
with the goodies of version 4, 5 and 8. This goes a bit slower then I
thought. In the mean time I also found out that I have been a bit to
keen on replacing 1541 disk access routines by my own IDE ones: my
routines didn't free up reserved buffers. So I decided to implement
things in such a way that only original 1541 routines are used. Once
things work fine, I still can replace the original routines IRQ
orientated routines by direct access ones.

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