Re: 1541-IDE : an idea I want to discuss
Date: 2008-12-20 15:04:12

Hi Ruud,

That sounds like a very good idea to allow it to expand but also keep it

Pete Rittwage
C64 Preservation Project

> Hallo allemaal,
> As you al know (at least I hope so :), I'm working on a project
> integrating a IDE harddisk into a 1541. That goes quite well so far.
> "Quite" because at this moment I have a problem: copying files doesn't
> work, worse, the action destroys my directory structure of the 16 MB
> version :(
> I'm already working on the, what I call, 32-bits version. 32 bits
> because the old Commodore drives only use 16 bits ie. Track and Sector.
> But these two bytes only enable one to use drives with 256 tracks and
> 256 sectors/track, equivalent to 16 Mbyte of data. Using 4 bytes enables
> ones to uses drives up to 2 GigaByte. But as I already found out, it is
> a lot of work to create a compatible Kernal for the 1541.
> Now the idea I want to discuss:
> The 16MB version supports subdirectories. As expected these
> subdirectories are placed inside these 16 MB. But what about allocating
> 16 MB to each subdirectory?
> The advantages:
> - Full disk access but still being able to use the well known C=
> parameters.
> - Much less programming for me :)
> Disadvantage:
> - 16 MB for a directory can be overkill.
> But a possible solution for this problem is to mark either the 'outside'
> or 'inside' directory with a # (or another character) at the beginning
> of the name.
> Your remarks, ideas are welcome!
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