RE: ICT Mini Chief info
Date: 2008-02-01 09:35:53

Hallo Andrew,

> For anyone interested, I've posted this zip
> file on my website at

I found the file.... and many other interesting things :)

I had a quick glance at the PDF and I think I already can draw some
- The WD card is bitbanged: the 6526 controls address lines, RD and WR
lines, and... datalines! I wonder why this is done. I already prooved
that adding a simple 74139 enables you to easily connect Intel/Zilog
based hardware.
- I didn't understand this chain thing exactly but AFAIK then drive only
support images. 

And then a remark about the pictures: they use two diodes to select the
extra RAM. But IMHO they are placed in the wrong way: the Cathode points
towards the RAM and that should have been the Anode! (or am I wrong ???)

The above sounds a bit negative but nevertheless a nice idea. Can it be
realised these days? I doubt it. I have some WD1002 cards laying around
but the drives will be the problem. Two years ago I had ten good 20 MB
MFM drives. Last year I had to throw a way five, just laying around
already seems to be devastatious :( 

Just an short update on my own project:
To be able to create subdirectories I need more tracks and sectors then
only track 18. Forcing the 1541 to use another track then 18 is no
problem, but then somewhere I run into trouble because the 1541 sees
that I'm not using track 18. And this is done hard coded. Finding this
hard coded place and replace them will take some time, I'm afraid.

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