ICT Mini Chief info

From: Andrew Wiskow (wiskow_at_gmail.com)
Date: 2008-01-31 23:37:45

Although I haven't been involved myself, and most of the information
discussed is a bit "over my head", I find the ongoing 1541IDE
discussion on this list to be fascinating.  I'm not sure if this will
help in any way, but I thought that this might be useful information
to some people on this list:  Eric Pearson sent me a zip file that
includes documentation, ROM, and labels for the ICT Mini Chief hard
drive.  This is the hard drive that was built inside of a 1571 drive.
Included in the PDF file are instructions that can be used, in theory,
to build your own ICT Mini Chief hard drive with a 1571 drive and the
appropriate parts.  I don't personally have the technical know-how to
pull this off, and Eric says he hasn't built his own yet, but he did
say that he intends to.  For anyone interested, I've posted this zip
file on my website at http://cottonwood.servebbs.com/wiskow


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