Re: 1541IDE8 V0.4
Date: 2008-01-30 17:42:42

Hallo Alex,

> _what_ memory area? 

It is completely replacing the 1541 DOS from $E000 to $FFFF. See my site 
for details.

> And you are using $1000 as a I/O interface to the harddisk, am I correct?


> So I have to replace both kernal ROM chips in the 1541 with your own code, or 
> how did you do it?

I use a 1541-II which has a 27128 compatible ROM. IMHO the 1541C or 1571 
can be used as well. 
Regarding the old 1541, another option is to place only one socket adapter, 

solder address line A13 and hack the Chip Select.

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