Re: 1541IDE8 V0.4
Date: 2008-01-30 16:26:29


> I use an AT29C256 EEPROM, therefore the size of 32 KB. Sorry, I just
> realised it when writing this. Use DEBUG or another program to cut off
> the first 16 KB as you only need the second 16 KB for a 27128 EPROM.
> Another option is using a 27256 or equivalent.

I think I have a slight understanding problem with your memory map, Ruud:
So your idejd4.bin is residing in... _what_ memory area? Is it completely
replacing the 1541 DOS from....$e000 to $ffff? Or $c000 to $ffff?
And you are using $1000 as a I/O interface to the harddisk, am I correct?
So I have to replace both kernal ROM chips in the 1541 with your own code, or 
how did you do it?
Please help us to make this point more clear.

Ein Service von

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