Are there any IEEE floppy drive (4040/8050...) emulator projects out there?

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2008-01-30 21:13:53

Hello, all,

As part of a project to revive a hacked-on 8K PET board, I was
thinking about mass storage.  I have one of Nicholas Welte's RAM/ROM
boards here, so I can get around the defective ROM IEEE routines, but
I don't happen to have a floppy drive with me (for those that might
not know, I'm at the South Pole, and Winter starts in two weeks, so
there's no time to ship one here, let alone the cost of moving a heavy
beast like that).  What I am after is something to plug into the PET's
IEEE port that can emulate a drive up to "B-R" and "B-W" commands.
For simple loading and saving, I have a C2N232, which will do for 90%
of things, but there are a few programs (most notably Infocom's
Z-Machine-based Text Adventures) that do direct block access.

I have an ISA IEEE-488 card here, so one thought was to turn an old PC
into a floppy drive emulator.  It would mount disk image files and
respond to a subset of CBM DOS commands (SEQ file load/save, "$", B-R,
B-W...)  I'm hoping I don't have to start from scratch, so I'm asking
if anyone has seen any IEEE drive emulator projects out there and
could point me to them.

There are a few IEC-bus emulators (1541-III, etc.), but IEEE-488 drive
emulators seem to be a bit less common.



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