Re: X-IDE directory (2)
Date: 2008-01-10 20:48:19

Hallo Jim,

> but what would CI do?

Change the image.

> Should they be simply these 2 letter mnemonics, or go with the idea of 
> Memory-Write and be M-I, C-I, and R-I?

A 2 letter mnemonics is less programming and therefore less ROM. But I only 
use this argument because I'm a lazy programmer :)

> However, from the idea perspective, I like it.  I'd rather not make it 
> too tied to the FS, since you could have a regular file on a CF disk in 
> FAT format be a .D64 file, and you'd want the drive to allow you to use 
> it as a disk.

I understand you want to mix FAT and D64. I meant this idea as an extension 
of X-IDE V0.3 where the 1541 sees the harddisk as one single floppy and 
nothing more. The idea is to use the CD (or C-I) command in the first place 
to change the "floppy", nothing more and nothing less. In this way users 
can at least already make use of the real capacity of a harddisk, although 
in a bit primitive way. IMHO this is better then to wait for a FS that 
still can take months.

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