Re: X-IDE directory (2)

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2008-01-10 23:24:38 wrote:
> Hallo Jim,
>> but what would CI do?
> Change the image.
Ah, I was thinking too hard.  I was wondering how one would "alter" an 
image.  I think is is ill-named, since I can be confused.  I understand 
it's history, coming from CD, but in CD, you're already in a directory, 
so it is appropriate to "change" it.  However, for a temp name, it's fine.

Yes, the idea would offer good initial support, and should be pursued.  
It also has long term value, which why I am thinking it aloud.

I had hoped to treat images like "directories", so one would just "CD" 
into a D64 or D81.  However, Craig's idea is one that Maurice plans to 
use, where you would "mount" an image under a different partition number.

The latter does allow using dual drive-ish commands (c0:blah=1:blah), 
but I see some issues:

    * You have a finite number of partition numbers to use. (I suppose
      you could restrict to mounting one at a time, but what if you want
      to copy a file between two images?)
    * The DOS needs to track that changes to the underlying directory
      will affect another partition, like moving an image file while it
      is mounted.
    * Most times you don't need the secondary partition number to
      reference the files.


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