Re: X-IDE directory (2)

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2008-01-10 17:04:31 wrote:
> Then I want to discuss an idea. I don't know if I can call this idea
> mine, maybe somebody already mentioned it, but at least it is a
> combination of more ideas. The idea is to let a file point to another
> image. The extension of this file will be D64. The needed commands will
> be MI, CI and RI (Make, Change and Remove Image). 
I sketched out plans for this in uIEC as well, though I had not assigned 
DOS commands to these items.  I had planned to simply let an image be a 
regular file, but I would allow the user to CD into the file, IN this 
way, R-I would simply be "SCRATCH", You could make a partition by simply 
saving a D64 file (though MI makes sense to auto-create an empty image), 
but what would CI do?

Should they be simply these 2 letter mnemonics, or go with the idea of 
Memory-Write and be M-I, C-I, and R-I?

However, from the idea perspective, I like it.  I'd rather not make it 
too tied to the FS, since you could have a regular file on a CF disk in 
FAT format be a .D64 file, and you'd want the drive to allow you to use 
it as a disk.


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