Re: X-IDE advice/help needed

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2008-01-07 17:50:25 wrote:
> Like a normal directory, it should be expandable. Hmmm, what about
> directories that once contained hundreds of files and now are empty?
> Another challenge I think :)
I misunderstood the question.  I thought you were looking to save off 
the initial length as part of the "OpenFile" routine.
> To be honest, no. I'm sorry but 1) it will take quite some time to build
> it, time I want to spend on this IDE project and 2) it only works under
> real MS-DOS. But if you still want it, you can have my proto-type. 
No, that's OK.  It's time I added a commercial emulator to my test 
bench, anyway.


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