Re: X-IDE advice/help needed

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2008-01-07 12:37:42

Hi Womo,

Wolfgang Moser wrote:
> Nicolas, is this already the PCB routing from me?

No, the picture still shows my original version of the adaptor. I think I 
will adapt the instructions and pictures the moment I sell a PCB according 
to your layout :)

> In that case even a backwards 28pol-to-32pol adaptor
> can be build. I know that I made a cut-trace option
> for it, but it would have to work out the rest of
> the jumper options first... Let me know, if there's
> actually some need for it. 

I don't need this for sure, because my Eprommer can read 2332 and 2364 ROMs 
directly without an adaptor.

> Since with your (our)
> adaptor one could use the bigger 32pol FlashROMs in
> either a 28pol or 24pol ROM socket, programming such
> a chip would work without any adaptors, wouldn't it?

What do you mean? In-system programming doesn't work at all, because there 
is no R/W line, and you need a 32kB window to the flash memory. So you need 
a flash programmer device, which can be my 6502 socket based device, or any 
other commercial programmer.


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