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Date: 2008-01-09 08:36:05

Hallo allemaal,

Just an update.

I think I have the train on the rails. At least I can create an entry
and I think I found out how to update the allocated sector. On itself it
is quite simple: use the same job commands I used to transfer data from
the HD to the floppy and vica versa! IMHO I only have to find a free
buffer, to fill the according job variables with the track and sector,
and to fill the queue allocation with $90 for writing.

That I'm able to create a valid entry does not mean that the job is
done. Here is the actual code:


		jsr	GetDrvNum	; get drive number

		lda	DRVNUM		; drive number OK?
		bpl	SubDir010	; yes, ->

		jmp	Error33		; 33, 'syntax error'

		jsr	LedOn		; turn LED on

		lda	CMDSIZ
		sbc	FILTBL
		cmp	#1		; check size of file name > 0
		bcs	SubDir020	; yes, ->

		jmp	Error34

		ldx	FILTBL
		lda	#16		; max. 16 characters
		jsr	Get_Length_Name	;



		jsr	SubDirectory


;**  Create directory	@@20
		jsr	SubDirectory

		lda	#1
		sta	MODE		; write		[1]

		jsr	Srch_File_Dir	; search for file in directory

		lda	#$85		; DIR
		sta	TYPE

		lda	#$12		; 18
		sta	SA		; secondary address	[1][2]

		jsr	AllocNewSec	; allocate new block

		jsr	CreDirEntry	; enter file in directory

; set length of subdirectory to 1
		jsr	SrchDirEntry	;
		bpl	CmdM060		; found, ->

		jmp 	Error31

		ldy	#1
		lda	(DIRBUF),Y
		pha			; store track

		lda	(DIRBUF),Y
		pha			; store sector

		ldy	#29		; HB lengt of file
		lda	#0
		sta	(DIRBUF),Y

		dey			; LB lengt of file
		lda	#1
		jsr	UpdateDirEntry	; save and close entry

;**  Prepare first sector of this subdirectory


The meeaning of the [x] remarks:
[1] = needed?
[2] = have I to save the old SA and restore it after the updated?

Filling SA with 18 I got from the COPY command. I still have to test if
I need it or can do without it.

    / __|__
   / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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    \___|       URL: Ruud.C64.org

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