Re: Boards and component kits

From: Al (
Date: 2008-01-01 15:24:09 wrote:

> > I have never communicated with you at all.  The only mention of your
> > name (nick) was posted by Jim on the list:
> >
> >
> Not really. In the one you quoted yourself:
> You can find another quite clear mention. 

OK, since we're being pedantic:
What I meant was you didn't post on the list you were interested, like
most of the others did. It appears you contacted Jim directly. The only
mention of your name (nick) was _started_ by Jim's post. 

Of course, once Jim put your name out there, I continued to keep in on
the list of interested parties. It still fell to you to use due
diligence in reading and understanding all posts on the subject.

>Anyway - it doesn't really matter now. 

Agreed. Let's move on.

> As for the second subject - anyone interested in payment transfer  
> help, please contact me and Al in one message. The mailing list  
> address can be used for this.

Nicolas has offered to help André transfer funds. If you would help
Anitrack do the same I (we) would be most grateful.


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