Re: Boards and component kits
Date: 2008-01-01 14:46:34

Al - I believe we can move out of the public forum to resolve that.  
Just if someone doesn't need one and I can get at least one - I'd be  
grateful - not that I would die without one of course ;-) Since there  
are already offers from Jack Rubin and Golan Klinger so I put hope for  
successful end of this mishap.

On 2008-01-01, at 00:52, Al wrote:

>> Hm, I must have missed something then. OTOH, I am also not used to
>> (re)confirm something I once stated, so it might have added to me
>> missing/misreading something. I just took for granted that I  
>> confirmed
>> my interest in the stuff by writing it once.
> Please understand I am very sorry this has happened.
> I have never communicated with you at all.  The only mention of your
> name (nick) was posted by Jim on the list:

Not really. In the one you quoted yourself:

You can find another quite clear mention. Anyway - it doesn't really  
matter now. Let's put interested parties on the closed CC distribution  

As for the second subject - anyone interested in payment transfer  
help, please contact me and Al in one message. The mailing list  
address can be used for this.

Best regards,


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