Re: Boards and component kits
Date: 2008-01-01 15:49:06

On 2008-01-01, at 15:24, Al wrote:


> the list of interested parties. It still fell to you to use due
> diligence in reading and understanding all posts on the subject.

Please, no - I misread or misunderstood. I agreed and apologised. I  
might find the reasons in your posts why I did so but it doesn't  
really matter IMHO.

>> Anyway - it doesn't really matter now.
> Agreed. Let's move on.
>> As for the second subject - anyone interested in payment transfer
>> help, please contact me and Al in one message. The mailing list
>> address can be used for this.
> Nicolas has offered to help André transfer funds. If you would help
> Anitrack do the same I (we) would be most grateful.


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