Re: Boards and component kits

From: Al (
Date: 2008-01-01 00:52:28 wrote:

> Hm, I must have missed something then. OTOH, I am also not used to  
> (re)confirm something I once stated, so it might have added to me  
> missing/misreading something. I just took for granted that I confirmed  
> my interest in the stuff by writing it once.

Please understand I am very sorry this has happened. 

I have never communicated with you at all.  The only mention of your
name (nick) was posted by Jim on the list:

Others said they wanted the board and then backed out:

It seemed like the thing to do, get people to commit by confirmation.
Also it means I have a working, tested email address for everyone.

Again please know I'm very sorry it turned out this way. In my defence I
can only offer the fact that 17 others got it right, so the onus must
fall on you.

> > At this point the boards are given to others. I'm
> > sorry for this mix-up. Maybe the collective will have an idea.
> As I understand it can be my fault so sorry for the mess-up from my  
> side.

In other messages, I see some generous people have stepped up and offered
you a board. I was also considering giving up one of mine. We will work
something out, I am sure.

I can't thank you enough for your gracious handling of this unfortunate

Highest Regards,

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