Re: Boards and component kits
Date: 2007-12-31 22:02:09

On 2007-12-31, at 20:09, Al wrote:

>> P.S. What does the "0 + 0" next to my nick mean? AFAIR I opted for  
>> two
>> boards w/o parts.
> It means you didn't respond to any of the requests to confirm. I  
> noticed
> you posting to the cbm-hackers mailing list, while I was waiting for
> your confirmation. So I knew you were receiving the list and the  
> requests
> for confirmation.

Hm, I must have missed something then. OTOH, I am also not used to  
(re)confirm something I once stated, so it might have added to me  
missing/misreading something. I just took for granted that I confirmed  
my interest in the stuff by writing it once.

> At this point the boards are given to others. I'm
> sorry for this mix-up. Maybe the collective will have an idea.

As I understand it can be my fault so sorry for the mess-up from my  

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