Date: 2007-12-20 12:37:33

Hallo Jeremy,

> A future application I'd love to see with either the 1541IDE or X-IDE
> is an easy way to move massive amounts of D64's from the C64 via this
> HD system to a PC.

There are three options:
- I hope that X-IDE is compatible enough so SC can deal with it in Turbo
mode. Speed: +/- 5 KB/sec. You can forget about Warp mode. Your
homework: find out yourself why :)
Advantage: needed software already exists.
- My 1541LPT project: an extra 6522 and a 25 pins male D-sub connector
are added to the 1541 and are connected with the LPT port of the PC
through a standard 25 pins extender cable. Speed: IMHO > 20 KB/sec.
- Take a PC with a free IDE connector. A copy program that I'm working
on should do the rest of the trick. If you use an older PC make sure it
can run Windows 98; it is not a must but simplifies exchanging files
over a network. An older PC may not recognise the harddisk correctly but
that doesn't matter. My program will be bit banging the drive directly,
circumventing the OS and BIOS. Speed: no idea. And I haven't any idea
how to use DMA which can speed up things considerably.

Hallo allemaal,

I changed tactics again, I had too. My first try with the large disk
Kernal ended with no result at all; it wasn't even possible to
communicate over the command channel. But having no POST codes inserted,
I wasn't even able to track where things went wrong :(

So I decided to start with a real step-by-step method and I'll start
with a simplified 'image version'. Like with 1541LPT I only change those
routines of the original Kernal which deal with the real floppy: at the
very last moment the data is transferred to/from the harddisk instead
to/from the floppy drive. So I should end up with an harddisk capable of
handling 170 KB :) Name: IDE1.ASM

Next steps:
- moving all free space to the end of the ROM and see if things still
work fine: IDE2.ASM.
- getting rid of all pointers to the 2nd drive to save more space:
- The previous two steps should give me the needed space to implement
subdirectories: IDE4.ASM
- implementing another BAM type so I can handle disks up to 16 MB:
- implementing LBA links: IDE6.ASM

The work already done with the not working version is not in vain. Lots
of it subroutines etc. will find their way somewhere in one or more of
the above ASM's sooner or later.

Any comment from your side is welcome and appreciated!

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