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From: Josef Angstenberger (
Date: 2007-12-20 02:25:56

Hello Jim

Jim Brain schrieb:
> Can some non-English speaker help me here?  Since he did not provide an
> address, I think he wants a picture of the unit, but I'm not sure.

He's German and I'm sure he wants a sample of the "C= Key Interface"
hardware. In German sample and pattern are the same word: Muster.

Cevi is a German abbreviation for C64. That Magazine is distributed as
PDF and I think he wants to write a testing article about the hardware.

If there's need to translate anything, just contact me.

> To keep it on topic:  Ruud's recent 1541-IDE discussions motivated me to
> get my rear end in gear getting these projects lying around here
> finished, or at least finished enough that folks can use them.
> Jim
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> Jim Brain schrieb:
>> Bruns wrote:
>>> Hello Jim. thank you for the information. Could I get from you a test
>>> pattern?
>> I'm not sure I understand.  It's not a video project, so it doesn;t
>> have a video portion.  Can you clarify?
> Hello, I thought whether I could get topical "Commodore Key Interface"
> to the testing for my C64 Mag "Cevi-Aktuell".
> Sorry for my bad english...
> René

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