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From: Al (
Date: 2007-12-15 16:14:23

"Jim Brain" <> wrote:

> On Fri, December 14, 2007 7:20 am, Al wrote:

> > I'll offer, again, to do the mailing grunt work. I was wondering if ppl
> > need some of the other parts, I could order them and send with the
> > boards. Might get past the minimum order amount, if any. Thoughts?

> And, yes, the request for your address is to have the boards shipped
> directly to you, taking you up on your offer.  Many thanks in advance. 
> I think it is a neat idea. Why don't you run with it on the list after we
> get the baords ordered?
> Jim

Hello All,

Since I am an unwashed hack, this is the best way for me to contribute
to this project. But I will need some advice from the collective in the
form of where and what to order; to ship with the boards.

Everything will be done at cost; parts and shipping. Prepayment of the
individual orders required. I'm not a bank and I don't want to get stuck
with a bunch of parts. :) Paypal is preferred, and a small Paypal fee
will be included, if you pay by that method. Money order will be the
only other option. I'm very open to ideas on how to make this work best.
Please send those ideas on the list for everyone to agree on/benefit

After the design is finalized, email me what parts you need. I'll
combine it into a single order. After the order is placed you won't be
able to change it, so give it some thought. Once everyone has paid, I'll
place the order. Again, I don't want to get stuck with a bunch of parts. 
Maybe there should be a cutoff date, so as not to hold up the collective.
If not enough people want the additional parts, we can forgo that part
of the plan. 

Let's keep traffic on the list to a minimum; contact me directly as much
as possible when it pertains to your order. I'll update the collective
on this list, as to the progress. 

For starters, please send me an email ( ) letting
me know who _really_ wants board(s) and how many. Also, if you think you
will want the other parts for this project. I'll tabulate the info and
update the collective.

Please only use for direct contact, to make it
easier for me to organize things; and not have to change filters on
other accounts.

your humble coordinator,

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