From: Jim Brain (brain_at_jbrain.com)
Date: 2007-12-14 23:27:24

The board is sent for review, so if anyone has time this weekend to make 
a last schematic validation, please do so.  They'll start the board Monday.

A couple items:

    * Due to the yield issues on panels (per board cost as size goes
      up), I'm resisting the urge to rework the board for RAM/ROM/etc.
      at present.  That said, If someone gets some code to work but
      needs RAM and extra ROM, I promise I'll spin a board immediately. 
      The same goes for a 64/128 implementation.  Adding ROM/RAM to this
      design is trivial.  Ruud already did it.
    * I want to thank folks for the ideas and the responses.  I love
      laying out boards.  I also love making them multi-purpose.

Thinking ahead, I went online and found that WDC offers the 65C02S and 
65C22S in QFP packages.  Although a bear to hand solder, adding a bit of 
SMT glue, SMT RAM/ROM, and an IEC connector, you truly could have an 
entire drive in half the space of this design.  I had seen the PLCC 
variants, but the QFP ones were new to me.  The possibilities are endless.


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