Re: 1541IDE and 1541IDE-S -- and 8250IDE? (and 64IDE, now)
Date: 2007-12-13 19:55:57

On 2007-12-13, at 19:12, raycomp wrote:

> Jim,
> Is there a reason why the Commodore expansion port ground lines are  
> not used on the PCB layout (shown on the Schematic?
> Confusing to me is that some of the ICs do not show a connection to  
> VCC on the Schematic but the PCB layout has them connected.

I haven't checked the particular pictures but generally if the part  
(IC) has the common signals defined in its description, there is no  
need to connect all the obvious "physical" pins on the schematics. One  
connects only the "logical" components and the obvious signals are  
taken into account automatically.

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