Re: 1541IDE and 1541IDE-S -- and 8250IDE? (and 64IDE, now)

From: RayBryan (
Date: 2007-12-14 00:12:34

On Dec 13, 2007, at 12:55 PM, wrote:

> On 2007-12-13, at 19:12, raycomp wrote:
>> Jim,
>> Is there a reason why the Commodore expansion port ground lines  
>> are not used on the PCB layout (shown on the Schematic?
>> Confusing to me is that some of the ICs do not show a connection  
>> to VCC on the Schematic but the PCB layout has them connected.
> I haven't checked the particular pictures but generally if the part  
> (IC) has the common signals defined in its description, there is no  
> need to connect all the obvious "physical" pins on the schematics.  
> One connects only the "logical" components and the obvious signals  
> are taken into account automatically.

well, fine if that is the convention.  I was just pointing out that  
on the connections on the plan and those on the board do not match.   
Jim asked for a review.


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