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From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2007-07-04 21:34:48

On Wed, 4 Jul 2007, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> I have not heard of this one. Did it actually have a PET 600 badge?

Yep. I may not have any photographs, but I can ask Jan to take some.

In one of the early C64 brouchures from Handic (Sweden), they also
advertised the 200 and 700 series of computers. Of particular interest
is the computer on the picture says "CBM Model 8032/200". And no, I
have not seen any PET with that exact label.

Also consider the CBM 200, 210 and 220 as per Jim Brain's canonical
list of Commodore equipment:

CBM 200 = PET 200 = PET 8032-SK
CBM 210 = ???
CBM 220 = PET 8096-SK

I also see from the list that there exists a PET 8096-D? In that
case, Marko's CBM 220D could just as well be a 8096-D instead of
a 8296-D.

If the PET 600 = either PET 8096-SK or 8296-SK, it would pretty well
match the 220, which leaves the CBM 210 an unsolved mystery. For
comparison, I haven't heard or seen any evidence of a "PET 400".

> Have you seen "virgin" units in Sweden,

No. I believe all of the PETs and CBM-II series computers found at the
former dealer were localized. However it doesn't say whether one could
order an original "US" PET back in the days, but since a lot of business
software was written in or translated into Swedish, most users would
probably want a computer that matched the software and the demand for
non-localized personal computers would be low.

As a side note, I think I have commented before that for a while in the
mid-80s, it may have been impossible to buy a Commodore 64 that was not
localized too. I can't swear on that, but based on Handic's advertising
and all the resellers, the VIC-64S (Swedish) was hot in c:a 1984-85.

Perhaps some dealers offered side import to get original C64's? I think
it was not until Commodore took over and the launch of the C64C that one
could choose keyboard layout again.

Anders Carlsson

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