Non-localized C64s in Sweden (Was: Secret Weapons of Commodore 13th edition)

From: Niklas Ramsberg (
Date: 2007-07-12 09:30:15

Anders Carlsson wrote:
> As a side note, I think I have commented before that for a while in the
> mid-80s, it may have been impossible to buy a Commodore 64 that was not
> localized too. I can't swear on that, but based on Handic's advertising
> and all the resellers, the VIC-64S (Swedish) was hot in c:a 1984-85.
> Perhaps some dealers offered side import to get original C64's? I think
> it was not until Commodore took over and the launch of the C64C that one
> could choose keyboard layout again.

For what it's worth: I bought my C64 in January or February 1984 in 
Gothenburg, Sweden. I distinctly remember that it didn't have Swedish 
keys or kernal; when I later got a MPS-801 printer which did have the 
Swedish characters I had to type @][ to get it to print .

My three current breadboxes (all bought locally in Gothenburg the last 5 
years, although I don't know whether they were originally imported by 
Handic or through unofficial channels):

- Serial no U.K. B1 333546, all chips dated 1984, made in England, real 
Swedish keys (as opposed to stickers).
- Serial no U.K. B1 603220, all chips dated 1984, made in England, 
stickers with Swedish characters.
- Serial no WG C 39632, all chips dated 1983, made in West Germany, 
standard C64 keys and kernal.

Niklas Ramsberg,
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