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From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2007-07-04 19:38:37

> On the topic of the PET 200, isn't it the exact same thing as the 8032-SK? 

It should be, according to the information I have here and from other sources.

> Subsequently, there was a PET 600 that should be either a 8096-SK or a 
> 8296-SK. I've seen both, more commonly labeled 8296 on the back side. 
> According to other sources on the Internet, it should be the other way 
> around, but who knows?

I have not heard of this one. Did it actually have a PET 600 badge?

If so, that trumps the name collision wth the PET 700!

> Regarding the comment on localized PET/CBM 700 keyboards, I have seen both 
> variants with real keycaps and stickers. The keycaps themselves are 
> interchangeable between CBM 600 and 700. I'd believe it more was a matter 
> that the reseller manufactured a batch of keycaps, and when they ran out 
> used stickers instead, which are cheaper to manufacture and easier to 
> install.
> ... I'd say the whole range of PET and CBM-II computers were available 
> with Swedish keyboards much due to the strong market position they held.

Okay, I'll add these notes. Have you seen "virgin" units in Sweden, or
were they all localized? (Getting back to if they were *only* available

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