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From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2007-07-03 19:13:56

Cameron Kaiser wrote:


On the topic of the PET 200, isn't it the exact same thing as the 8032-SK? 
Meaning that all the separate keyboard models, from 8032-SK to the 
high-profile CBM-II series 710/720, have more or less the same rounded 
shape? Of the handful PET 200 I've seen and sold, they all said 8032-SK on 
the back plate. Or was there an earlier, better known 8032-SK model that is 
more angular but still with detachable keyboard?

Subsequently, there was a PET 600 that should be either a 8096-SK or a 
8296-SK. I've seen both, more commonly labeled 8296 on the back side. 
According to other sources on the Internet, it should be the other way 
around, but who knows?

I believe Marko also owns a CBM D220 which is a relabeled 8296-D. Is it 
covered anywhere in SWoC?

Regarding the comment on localized PET/CBM 700 keyboards, I have seen both 
variants with real keycaps and stickers. The keycaps themselves are 
interchangeable between CBM 600 and 700. I'd believe it more was a matter 
that the reseller manufactured a batch of keycaps, and when they ran out 
used stickers instead, which are cheaper to manufacture and easier to 
install. I have also seen localized machines with both 128K (710) and 256K 
(720), so I'd say the whole range of PET and CBM-II computers were available 
with Swedish keyboards much due to the strong market position they held.

You comment on the confusion about PET 700. Imagine my confusion one year 
ago when I discovered these machines and soon learned to differentiate 
between PET 600 (8096/8296), CBM 600 (B128) and PET/CBM 700 (high profile). 
I think more than one customer back in c:a 1983-84 would also be confused 
with these model names.


Anders Carlsson

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