RE: Help with a 8050 drive

From: Mark Zablocki (
Date: 2007-05-15 05:11:40

Hi Guys,
Ethan, I'm checking into the 47-8701 disks. I emailed the company and hope to receive a response tomorrow. I'll let you know what they say.
Guys, I want you to know that I'll gladly pay anyone to fix the drive. I found a list of Commodore repair shops on the Internet. Unfortunately, the list must be quite old since most of the information was obsolete. I emailed everyone on the list with an email address. Most of the emails came back as "undeliverable". Only two people have answered me so far and both were unable to help (one person suggested this forum). I'll start calling the rest of the shops to see if any are still in business and able to repair Commodore PET hardware. I'm not too confident that there's anyone left who can help. So, if you know of anyone, please let me know.
> 1. You can try to format a disk in drive 0 or 1, see if either drive works.> > header "disknamehere", d0, i01 (assuming you have a disk in drive 0 of an> 8050 drive).> header "disknname", d1, i01 (for the left drive, drive 1)> Same problem as stated previously. The drive goes through the motions, but will not header the disk. Won't provide a directory either. 
> > The command: ?ds$ will tell you if the processor board of the disk drive> is OK or not. The response you want will be something like: 73, cbm dos> v. 2.x> I've gotten the following responses:
       74,drive not ready,00,00
       20,read error,38,00
> If your drive lights are blinking, use the users guide to diagnose the> blink pattern for hardware problems.
The drive lights start to blink at the end of the headering process, but stops when headering is supposedly completed. The lights appear as normal. I am unable to read the error code because the blinking is not consistent.
> > Carefully press tight and/or re-seat chips to strengthen IC connections to> board. If you have never done this before, wait to try this.> I re-seated all the chips. It made no difference.
 Let me know what additional information you need.
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