Re: Help with a 8050 drive

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2007-05-15 00:45:04

On 5/14/07, Mark Zablocki <> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> The only information on the box reads:
> MODEL 47-7501 doubles sided / double density soft sectored, cert. 40 tracks
> There is no 48 tpi DD, 96 tpi DD or 96 tpi HD listed.

Check their website...

Their box 47-7501 is listed as "5.25& Inch Diskettes DD (Double Sided,
Double Density), Unformatted, 48 TPI (Soft Sector), ATHANA Box"

What you want is 47-8701 or the 47-8801.  The 8050 is single sided, so
you only need 47-8701s, but 47-8802 will work just fine, too.  The
only issue is if they are out of stock of  single-sided media or if
the double-sided media costs lots more.

Note the difference in the description from above to this - "5.25 Inch
Diskettes SSDD (Single Sided, Double Density), Unformatted, 96 TPI
(Soft Sector), ATHANA Box"

The disks you have will work fine in 2040s, 3040s, 4040s, 2031s,
1540s, 1541s, etc. - about 170K per floppy.  What you need has about
twice the track density of that (one side of an 8050 disk holds about
500K, a double-sided 8250 holds nearly 1MB).

While you _might_ not be having media problems, I think it's best to
start with something you know should work than guess might work.
Fewer variables to juggle.


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